Memory Tricks #1

Strange, the tricks that memory plays. Strange, but convenient.

The Daily Battles

The daily battles that we fight Are what our lives are, in the end The horrors of the past we hide The present dooms that might impend And as the days and years go by We list events out, name and date And hear the dove of mourning cry For all the lucklessness of fate For death … Continue reading "The Daily Battles"

Melted Coinage

I lay crossways on the backseat of my father’s Volkswagen Type 3 reading “The Melted Coins” a book I had just purchased in North Chili New York with a flimsy pillow beneath my back and a lonely feeling from this being our first family vacation without either my brother or my sister who had grown … Continue reading "Melted Coinage"

How Smart I Used To Be

I used to be quite a bit smarter I feel it whenever I’m stressed For seizures have mangled some brain cells And old age has taken the rest I think I was once a Rhodes Scholar And I won a Nobel one Fall – I’m pretty sure I was once smarter But now I just … Continue reading "How Smart I Used To Be"

Anna Remembers

She felt a tear form in her eye – For those she’d known in days gone by When she was young and hale and strong And when the future still seemed long For now her days are fraught with ache With muscles frail and bones that break Back then, though, she was young and free And … Continue reading "Anna Remembers"