Strange Choices

The choices that I’ve made are strange, I’m sure you’ve made them, too: Sometimes, there’s no explaining What we choose to say and do. I’ve heard some people say they’ve lived Their lives without regret; But that is not the life I’ve lived, At least, it isn’t yet – For all of my strange choices … Continue reading "Strange Choices"


The quarter-tone upon the hour Sweeping lights across the sky An interlude of almost power Pulling me up high The night is dark and fathomless The sea is deep and moves along An interlude of almost something Sort of like a song The fence I will not go beyond The thoughtless deed I dare not … Continue reading "Fathomless"

So many futures…

So many futures we can choose: But all of them uncertain — The consequences sure are there, Somewhere, behind the curtain The world is fraught with what goes wrong, And yet, the choice is clear: To choose a path, and take our chance, Or else, to stay Right here

Sunsets are never the same

Sunsets are never the same Like all other moments When our senses are attuned For all the detail They’re designed for But we won’t know If the only friends we choose Are walls

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It's a choice we (usually) get to make.