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    1. Alas, all I did was write about a photo I particularly liked. I’ve wanted to visit since I was kid, but never have.

      Assuming we make it up there, where would you recommend going?

      1. Even though I’ve never been there, Oak Island is where they think there is buried Treasure and curse’s, it was on the History Station last fall, very intriguing! http://www.history.ca/the-curse-of-oak-island/ , I have seen great pictures of Annappolis Valley, Also there is Sable Island and the wild horses that live their, great photo’s in National Geo!
        History by candlelight – Candlelight Graveyard tours, Annapolis Royal
        Walk where the dinosaurs roamed, Fundy Geological Museum, Parrsboro
        Visit the world’s most complete “Coal Age” fossil record, Joggins Fossil Cliffs and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Joggins
        Mi’kmaw petroglyph tour, Kejimkujik National Park & National Historic Site
        OnTree Park, Martock: Climbing tracks, zip lines and high rope courses.
        Guided canoe or kayak tour into the heart of the Biosphere Reserve with Hinterland Adventures.
        Cycle the Annapolis Valley, slow down time, wind down roads and linger over lunch. Choose from 22 self-guided rides for all levels on low-volume roads and trails.
        Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal: one of the “5 North American Gardens Worth Travelling For”
        The Wildflower Labyrinth at Tangled Garden, Grand Pre
        An Acadian Story, The Landscape of Grand-Pre UNESCO World Heritage Site, Grand Pre
        Dulsing – Seaweed Cuisine: From picking, cleaning, dyring and preparing the world-famous snack known as dulse with Fundy Adventures.
        Family fun at Upper Clements Theme Park and Upper Clements Adventure Parks
        Visit Sable Island ponies at Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park, Stewiacke
        Discover Mi’kmaw heritage and legends at Glooscap Heritage Centre, Millbrook/Truro
        Record a duet with Anne Murray, Anne Murray Centre, Springhill,
        Oh, my bucket list “sing with Ann Murray”! NOT!! lol….
        Sorry so much stuff, I just thought Id copy and paste from the web site…..lots of neat places and photo ops!! I hope you go and post your photo’s!
        T. (Ladybuggz)

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