He was so rapt in yesterday He mortgaged his tomorrow, The moments all collateral Against which he could borrow But found, apace, they’d slipped away, Their fragile cords all severed — For we must “now” while there’s a now, Or else we’ll find We nevered


She made the laws, and he could stay, or not. It was her game, and he a pawn or rook — It wasn’t quite a trap; he wasn’t caught —  But more strength than he had was what it took To change his part within her plotted book — And so he was obsequious and … Continue reading "Imperious"

That Door

If that door never opens It’s locked for good one day; And dreams, and jobs, and memories Just up and go away That door is watched here, daily. They count the times it swings: And if the number gets too low, They’re on to other things Then one day, we want choices, But all of … Continue reading "That Door"

eat the cake

time to take, thirst to slake, screw the carbs and eat the cake – garble lyrics, belt the tune, life’s a dream that ends too soon © Andriy Bezuglov | – Cake with raspberries on plate

The Old Days Cannot Hold You

The old days cannot hold you anymore. Walls once thought so forbidding disappear; Within the old life’s empty, cracked veneer Now freedom beckons through the waiting door If you keep your eyes open, you will know: This place has never meant security. There’s more to you than simple pliancy; Just take a breath And make … Continue reading "The Old Days Cannot Hold You"

The Sky Rages Red

I take each choice out one by one And weigh them for their heft: The sky, it rages red tonight And I’ve Few choices Left

Love Dichotomy

If it’s control you want, Stay out of love; Control’s the one thing You will have none of So quit your foolish games, Define your soul — You can have love Or you can have Control

What Power?

What power do you want, my friend? To change the world, or just change you? I think that I want both. Is that To much to ask? It’s what I do. What power will you have then, friend? Great wisdom, wealth or health or what? I think that I’ll have all of those. I won’t … Continue reading "What Power?"