Diary of an Unreliable Mind

(Warning.  The person portrayed here is not well at all. – Owen)

I’ve downloaded her picture so many times
She has to know I’m interested by now.
Why hasn’t she texted me?

= = =

I’ve liked every one of this other girl’s posts for months
Even the stupid YouTube videos by horrible bands.
I wonder if she digs me?

= = =

Women wear clothes, because
They want men to take them off.

= = =

A girl smiled at me at the grocery store.
I hope she doesn’t think we’re getting married,
Though, I’d sleep with her, I guess.

= = =

Here are some more pictures of her online.
She’s wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses.
I think that means she likes me.

= = =

Alexander the Great
Didn’t have the Internet.
He wasn’t so great.

= = =

Monica at the laundromat asked me out.
But she must weigh, what, 130 pounds?
No way!

= = =

The doctor’s upped my meds.
He also says I have to move.
Or the bank did. Or somebody.

= = =

I wrote the modeling agency
Where she works.
They sent another photo.

= = =

I don’t understand the power company.
Don’t they have enough money?
Do they really need mine?

= = =

I found out why that model never answered.
It says she lives in “Lisbon,” so
She doesn’t like boys


(“Diary of an Unreliable Mind” – 6-20-2015)

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