Looking Back on Forever

Looking back on forever, it’s
Strange to think now
Just how fast
It went

The days
You traversed
The far reaches of my
Soul, and filled the universe –

Like a brighter color than any
I’d ever seen or imagined
That was on and in

But now —
You are like teal:
A lovely, familiar tinge
I might see on chairs – commonplace

Oh, once, all time bent around you –
All my time, at least – and
Even my breathing was
Full of you

My eyes only
Whole in your presence,
My ears heard only your music,
My hands were warm with your skin’s touch

Life and time, however, are corrosive to
Love: wearing it down, slowly,
Imperceptibly, until
It’s gone.

And we, once
Knowing only love, found
The tide had gone out and had taken
Our forever – someplace – far away & longer ago

Looking back on forever, I can see now that we
Gave and took like waves, and like
Waves, we disappeared into

As people will do, for a
Relatively short amount of time, before
All went dark before the slow setting of the sun


(“Looking Back On Forever” – 5-6-2016)

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3 Thoughts to “Looking Back on Forever

  1. I love the teal chair being swept by the incoming waves. Not so commonplace that: nice image and a great link from verbal to visual.

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