Reroutes (5)

She looks beside her, in the car,
At somebody she barely knows,
And wonders how it got this far,
And where it either ends or goes.

For one thing she knows truly: that
She will not settle anymore
For somebody who doesn’t love
And looks at her as just a score.

He thinks it’s time to just move on.
This happens every single time:
Things start out great, but fall apart.
And so he starts to say it. “I’m —“

She interrupts and says, “It’s over.
You know it, and I do, too.”
He nods his head in the driver’s seat.
“So what’s the next step for me and you?”…

And old couple sees them as they drive by
Pulled over, chatting, beside the road bend.
“I remember when we were like that,
And just couldn’t wait to talk again…”

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