When looks are all you want,
They’re all you get

We usually take
The image for
The reality,
Our eyes can
Take in images,
Whereas our minds
Can’t take in

When we can’t change our lives,
We can always change our clothes
Pretending they are the same thing

On the other hand,
Playing dress-up and pretend
Are among our more honorable pursuits

In the end, though,
It’s just us, being us,
And trying to look as good as we can
Doing it —
Envying the handsome boys
And the skinny girls
And whoever else we choose to
Focus our resentment upon —

If we a comfortable enough within ourselves,
We can just appreciate people for who they are
And what they are good at

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2 Thoughts to “Tarantella

  1. It’s so much fun to see all the transformations that you captured for her and have them woven into a poem. I like to think that my person (Mind and Body) is my house and that it is my responsibility to myself as well as others to care for it. It is after all were i must live and were I may entertain others. It’s not just an image. I like the idea of dressing up as being an honorable pursuit and also agree that we can appreciate people just for who they are.

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