Stained-Glass Love

She gave to him a stained-glass love That looked so good in light so pure, But that turned cold within the dark And closing of the door. But other men still envy him The beauty he resides within; But they don’t the love he knows That involves neither heart Nor skin

Just A Dad For Show

You’re just a dad for show That’s all you ever effing were: Pretending that you care So much about both him and her No you cannot be bothered When they each need you to be you — But put on some performance when You think People Can see you

Twixt image and reality…

Twixt image and reality The difference is stark — For one is made of flashbulbs, The other from The dark


When looks are all you want, They’re all you get We usually take The image for The reality, Because Our eyes can Take in images, Whereas our minds Can’t take in Realities When we can’t change our lives, We can always change our clothes Pretending they are the same thing On the other hand, Playing … Continue reading "Tarantella"

The Image Files

She never thought this life would be for her. And she’s not sure about it, even now: Twixt what we earn, and what we watch occur, There’s much to figure out, and plumb, somehow — She barely eats, she shows up for the shoots, She passive waits for makeup, hair, and clothes; The checks all … Continue reading "The Image Files"

The Cost of Imagery

Perhaps we need to see, and know, the high, uncounted cost of all our imagery. For much we think perfection is not gift, but theft. © Andriy Bezuglov | – Girl with tablet

The World of Imagery

The world is full of choice Between “what matters” and “what seems” — To speak into existence, or To hanker after dreams To watch the perfect bodies go Between venetian blinds, And let the world of imagery Just eat away Our minds © Andriy Bezuglov | – Couple of surfers on ocean`s shore