The World of Imagery

The world is full of choice
Between “what matters” and “what seems” —
To speak into existence, or
To hanker after dreams

To watch the perfect bodies go
Between venetian blinds,
And let the world of imagery
Just eat away
Our minds

© Andriy Bezuglov | – Couple of surfers on ocean`s shore

“Happy lifestyle concept”

The scene is one of harmony
Though manufactured for the screen –
But image is reality:
We will believe what we have seen

Or heard among the many things
Put out there to control our thought.
We’re being played — we’re being had —
With out so much as being bought

As wandering through happy fields
To slaughterhouses we devise:
For fools we are, who acquiesce
To knaves who we all

Real or Unreal?

It might now seem unreal, but that’s because
We live within a world of imagery;
So much we’ve never tasted, felt or smelled
We think we know from things we hap to see

We’re lief to say we know what’s false from true;
The photoshopped from what with life is full —
That perfect animals like this exist
Or perfect photos, seems impossible

And yet, this photo, which I lately bought
Is not, I think, unreal, but just got

Photo credit : © Olga Itina |


Make your skin look different than it looks;
Make your body different than it’s made —
Chase the image offered to you here,
Spend your money on the latest shade

Never think that you might be okay;
Never grasp that you have made the grade —
Make your skin look different than it looks,
Never stop and think
You’re being

The Images I Choose

  I buy the photos
(Most the time)
  That I post in this place

  Some find them, well,
  Salacious, and
  Imply there’s some disgrace

  In showing off
  These models, and
  The bodies they display —

  But yet, it is
  It’s what I mean to say –

  I’m fifty-three,
  Not handsome, and
  The irony’s not small:

  For image
  Isn’t anything:
  It isn’t real
  At all