Sketches – 32

Look, I got us a hammock.

You most certainly did —
It seems kind of small.

Yeah, well.
I prefer the word ‘cozy’.

‘Cozy’ is a strange word.

This little room is cozy.
Our whole house is cozy.
I will not have
Its coziness questioned!

Oh, I’m questioning its coziness.
In fact,
There are parts of this house
That are more desultory than cozy.
There, I said it.

Maybe you’d prefer
A nice, cozy hotel room?
One you can have to yourself?

Well – no.

Ok, then.
Is what I’d call an ‘Insultory’

Sorry, house, room, and hammock.
Your coziness is without question,
At least,
Out loud.

Not good enough.

I was warned
That relationships
Eventually devolve
Into bald power dynamics.
You want to control my thoughts.
We might have different
Coziness paradigms.
Have you ever thought of that?
Differing concepts of what it is
To be desultory.

That’s fair.
However, let’s approach this practically.
I was thinking we could share this hammock.
It is, as I believe you said,
Rather small.
For two of us to occupy it simultaneously,
Would be rather… rather…


Do you want to experience it
Or debate it?

Point granted.
You do realize
Using my desire for intimacy
To win arguments is manipulative.
Which is not to say I don’t like it, because
I do.

Hmmm. Your concession seems rather
Are you going to put this
Inane conversation
On your blog?

That’s where all
Our most ridiculous ones go

You are very, very odd, my dear.

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