Country Overpass

A country overpass is what he is –
Forgotten, by the side, and overgrown –
The care of lonely travelers is his,
Amid old country ways few left have known

The social fabric of the varied past
Is still a part of who he is today;
As it is, still, for everyone, at last –
But many do not know it, or won’t say

The unremembered road, it sits aside.
Yet still the sunlight falls upon it there;
A way not glamorous, nor very wide,
Among the choking weeds and long-held wear

And he, he must remember in his heart:
Whate’er his limits, he must do
His part

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One thought to “Country Overpass”

  1. I like how this anthropomorphises an everyday object.

    I’ve been getting into some creative writing myself. I’d love it if you could take a look at some of my recent blog posts.

    You’ve been an inspiration. Keep em coming!

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