Called Away

In freedom’s time, he traveled on his own, And found himself in lands, and under skies So large, to fill them he knew he had grown — The food that serves to feed and appetize, The truth you were not taught, but realize. In days of silence, so much not to say: The talker walks, … Continue reading "Called Away"


If you don’t think That you’re the person That you think you are, Do you even exist?

something like wisdom

to live by others’ fantasies is rarely ever wise: when sex and power get mixed up it’s often love that dies our many possibilities are rarely understood; the freedom that we know we have – it should be used for good the window of our hearts should be protected by its casement; the life we … Continue reading "something like wisdom"

Mirror Paradox

I look into the mirror young But see one old and wizened: I know the me that is, But only see The me That isn’t

Reflecting On

The woman she should know the most, But it is like she’s seen a ghost: Reflecting on the hidden cost Of all she’s found, but who She’s lost