It would be best if I was always one
Who said just what he meant, and said it true;
But this, for me, is not so simply done
I cannot say how it might be for you

Integrity: it is a thing aspired,
A wish I have, that is yet unfulfilled:
I know it’s very much to be desired,
And I am sure it’s everything it’s billed

But yet I’m here, inconstant as the waves,
With moods that push me here and pull me there;
A man who stands, or walks, or runs, or caves,
With all the firm solidity of air

But still I wish with all my heart to be
A man of honor and

5 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. Often, life or simply perception is instance of, “A prophet is without honor in his own country,” but whether or not you are a man of honor and integrity, you are a poet of honor and integrity– and that’s grand.

  2. Is is very difficult to surmise whether to say something or not, especially when your gut is telling you with as much certainty it has, that it needs to be said. Or done. Or not done. Perception is tricky. And some people don’t care to hear, or will not receive the words or actions.

    In my experience, it’s those who see their imperfection in the area who are most integrous. There’s no ego in it, only heart and soul.

  3. i really like this poem. I’d like to paint a picture to pair with it for exhibit in our local gallery. Would doing this be OK with you? there are other poems too. I would always ask permission first. And if you should say “yes”, which i hope you do, how would you like me to credit your work?

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