Show Your Mind

In look, in wit, in character
We’re partially defined:
But you can never know true love
If you won’t show your mind

Be true to self to know true love;
That’s always been my credo —
So never hide how much you know
In deference to ego

I know it takes all kinds, and there’s
No one type of attraction;
But brains are really sexy, they
Help feelings get to action

This is all true for girls and guys
And all else, in between;
Be humble, when you do not know,
But let your smarts be seen

For it is never threatening –
In fact, it is essential –
That lovers take some joy in seeing
Each reach their potential

So look for this – insist on this –
The true sign you’re aligned —
Do not accept a lover who
Just cannot love
Your mind

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One thought to “Show Your Mind”

  1. Well said, I couldn’t agree more! “do not accept a lover who just cannot love your mind” – I Love it.

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