The World Is Yours

The world is yours, you own it now;
You’ve conquered everything —
You’ve slipped the gold from off your hand;
‘Twas just a hollow ring

And in the silence, gaze awhile
Upon what all you own –
For there is only room for one
On such a vaunted

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One thought to “The World Is Yours”

  1. This is a very touching and poignant poem on the isolating nature of ambition. I suffer from this as I get so involved in my creative projects that I have no time for relationships. So I spent 2 years obsessively writing a novel, refusing to have any relationships, while fantasising self-destructively about my ex-boyfriend, an ex-armed robber, pimp and drug dealer who’d forgotten how long he spent in jail who was the “hero” of the novel. Of course it all ended very badly with me having a nervous breakdown and not able to write at all!

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