Old Poem, Written Age 17 (Unedited)

I can’t believe I’m here, and that you’re here.

You’re far too beautiful for me, I fear —

You radiance — it melts my very heart;

Which starts to freeze whenever we’re apart.


I’ll never, ever, ever show you this:

The way I felt enslaved with just one kiss.

The way I want to touch you, every day —

I never knew that I could feel this way.


But this all just sounds desperate, I know —

And so, these words are ones I’ll never show.

I’ll wait a while before next time I call —

And hope you never see how bad I fall.

One thought on “Old Poem, Written Age 17 (Unedited)

  1. you wrote those lines when aged just seventeen
    by no one at all were they ever meant to be seen.
    if now you must share them with your whole world,
    how your life must, in deep despair, have unfurled
    to feel, that by such a memory, your heart is bidden
    to crave anew a passion oncc so secretively hidden.

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