‘I Know We’re Different…’

I Know We're Different

…You don’t know me, anything about me:
Why should I think you’re different; that you’ll care?
You do not look like you belong around here.
Wherever you’ve come from — just go back there.

If you don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine.
I know we’re diff’rent, but I do not mind.
I’d like to stay and talk to you a bit:
And I will leave if you get tired of it.

So tell me, stranger, just why are you here?
I’m friends with guys in the band, I said I’d come.
So, fantasies about girls with tattoos?
Yeah, I guess I suppose I have had some.

But have you ever had a fantasy
About a guy who’d treat you really well?
There’s no such thing; there are no guys like that.
‘Cept you, I’m sure, you’re just about to tell —

Well, we don’t know. You’d have to take a chance;
Let’s start off simple: let’s just go and dance.
I guess we can do that. So then we’ll see…
That’s all I ask.
For now?

One thought on “‘I Know We’re Different…’

  1. “Oh well, it didn’t work out, but say
    Couldn’t we meet up another day?
    Some other night,
    You know, we mght
    Find loving tenderness in each others eyes.
    And both get a real heart stopping surprise.

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