balcony encounter

he walked out on the balcony
and saw her on his right;
he said ‘hello’, and so did she,
they spoke with gathering pace

she said her name was melody,
she was here for a week;
he said, ‘i’m sorry – you seem sad -‘
which was indeed the case

it was almost an hour, that
they spoke; it fairly flew –
the distance there between them
was an aid —

and when he said, ‘would you like to get dinner?’
she said, ‘yes.’
it wasn’t really what you’d call
a date

for all she needed was a friend
and that was all he offered;
but she poured out her story
with the wine

and when they said goodnight, they hugged,
and she went to her room;
a little less encumbered
in her mind

in things that seem to have no point,
in stories with no punch,
we often find the rarest
times of all

for sometimes, what we need, is just
to reaffirm we’re human;
to hear somebody answer when
we call

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