A Question of Guilt

If everything I ever did
Was placed for all to see,
Could anyone who loves me now
Still stand to look at me?

Sometimes my mind blots out the past
Sometimes it still recalls:
The secret shames it always hides
To stay within these walls

For really, I have no excuse
For many things I’ve done:
Except to plead I’m human and
I’m not the only one

I think I would be cast be aside
By mere humanity:
There’d have to be a cosmic love
To forgive all
Of me

4 thoughts on “A Question of Guilt

  1. Jesus forgives all, puts our sins as far as the east is from the west–and forgets them. We just have to accept His offer–it’s the best deal I ever got, and I’d never go back, as even the “less than” days are more blessed than “before”.

  2. Your inner guilt is the only thing holding you back, You are the only one too forgive yourself…no one else, no god, no entity, just you! Once you forgive, the more you’ll forget and get on with your life, and your guilt will only be a memory. Believe me, I’ve been there! ((hugs))

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