Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #7 – Staple Removers

Staple Remover

My coworkers are standup gals
And guys, every last one:
They work hard and they work smart
And they like to have some fun

But they’ve a moral failing that
Is strange and out of whack:
The steal staple removers, and
They never put them back

Money I could leave on my desk
And it would be there still;
I tried this and I saw it
With a fifty dollar bill

But there’s no set of safeguards
Around which they can’t maneuver
When it comes to making off
With a staple remover

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4 Thoughts to “Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #7 – Staple Removers

  1. One of these items became the favorite Christmas present of my then 3-year-old son, who called it his “crocodile”.

    Did you know in Spanish they are called “Vampiros”?

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