Math Vs Poetry

Fractal Carnival

Wherever you are, you’re on a path –
The careless, the fanatics –
My way has led to figuring
My job is mathematics

I know that many have a fear
Called “math anxiety”;
It’s driven some folks nearly mad
And wrecked sobriety

But yet I found math calming. There is
Something of a light
That comes on when I look and see
I got the answer right

You see, when I took poetry –
Which I have loved for long –
My teachers always told me
I was writing stuff all wrong

Which I thought hogwash. And still do.
A poet should be free
To reveal feelings and display
A personality

But in math, there’s a right and wrong:
A better and a worse;
While poetry is preference
(Mine usually is “terse”)

But in one way they intersect
I hope it is agreed
They each try to make sense of life
That’s something we all need

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