In Defense of Mathematics

There is no hatred more condoned Than that of mathematics. You will find little argument: Amid all our dramatics Of love to hate, of death to life, Brand new to most archaic — There is still a consensus on (At least) the algebraic. And that’s its general uselessness. I hear this all too often; That … Continue reading "In Defense of Mathematics"

Conceptual Monologue

We search to find concepts To explain things, Then confuse the concept With the thing, Forgetting that concepts are just Explanatory devices. For instance, There is no such thing As what “all women think”, Or “how all men act” In a given situation. Concepts, even scientific models, Make things simpler than They really are; Substituting … Continue reading "Conceptual Monologue"


When one angle is right, you can’t go wrong. Pythagorean theorem all the way: Summed squares of short sides are the square of long, You should be fluent in this, night and day. But do not mix up summed squares with square roots, For then you err as movie Scarecrow does: Isosceles instead of right, … Continue reading "Triangles"

Math Vs Poetry

Math anxiety and writer's block: why not the other way around?