Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #4 – The Ontological Argument

Imagine the greatest thing there is
To be great, it should “be”
If it’s not there, it’s not so great
And that’s ontology

If anything at all is here
There’s “greatest”, sure enough
So Anselm’s right and Kant is wrong
With his Critiques of Stuff

Descartes believed it, Hegel too
Spinoza thought it clear
The greatest thing there is, must be
Or so, it would appear

My Life’s Real Soundtrack

Much more than I’ve heard music, human voices;
More than the television, or the phone;
And even more than traffic, have I listened
To central heat & air’s familiar drone

A noise that’s traveled with me through a lifetime.
I’ll hear it yet, from my hospital bed:
The soundtrack of my life, in perfect blankness,
The dull white noise that says
I’m not yet dead

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Toasters

I don’t know how the toaster works;
I only know it does —
I know well-toasted bread is great;
It is and always was –

The slightest turn to left or right
Means mishaps, sad and shaming:
Where it will not be toast at all
Or burnt beyond reclaiming

For toasters can be fickle things
Or can be loyal friends;
Like other friendships, on our care
I guess it all depends

So this goes out to toasters
Everywhere, from coast-to-coast —
Just take a piece of bread right now
And raise it up in

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Moldy Chair

My marketing strategy’s not that great
In naming this bit of verse “Moldy Chair”;
But yet, that’s the photo I’ve chosen, and so,
You all can see what I see there.

Abandoned chair, moldy, with rows on rows
Of flood-damaged houses in Ireland;
A gray sort of dolor hangs in the air,
And out around the bend.

Moldy chair, moldy chair, what a sound.
Tribute to vanity’s filth and shame —
Taking forever our mold with us,
Germ and infection:
Our claim
To fame