My Life’s Real Soundtrack

Much more than I’ve heard music, human voices;
More than the television, or the phone;
And even more than traffic, have I listened
To central heat & air’s familiar drone

A noise that’s traveled with me through a lifetime.
I’ll hear it yet, from my hospital bed:
The soundtrack of my life, in perfect blankness,
The dull white noise that says
I’m not yet dead

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Pillows

A marvelous invention, pillows…

We touch them every night
And we spend years and years with them.
They bring us comfort;
Cradle us to sleep —

Just feathers, foam and fabric; but
They seem like so much more;
A part of us, extrinsic,
That we

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Toasters

The subjects everyone REALLY wants to hear about, right here at NTFC…

I don’t know how the toaster works;
I only know it does —
I know well-toasted bread is great;
It is and always was –

The slightest turn to left or right
Means mishaps, sad and shaming:
Where it will not be toast at all
Or burnt beyond reclaiming

For toasters can be fickle things
Or can be loyal friends;
Like other friendships, on our care
I guess it all depends

So this goes out to toasters
Everywhere, from coast-to-coast —
Just take a piece of bread right now
And raise it up in

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Moldy Chair

A photo from flood ravaged Ireland.

My marketing strategy’s not that great
In naming this bit of verse “Moldy Chair”;
But yet, that’s the photo I’ve chosen, and so,
You all can see what I see there.

Abandoned chair, moldy, with rows on rows
Of flood-damaged houses in Ireland;
A gray sort of dolor hangs in the air,
And out around the bend.

Moldy chair, moldy chair, what a sound.
Tribute to vanity’s filth and shame —
Taking forever our mold with us,
Germ and infection:
Our claim
To fame

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #2 – Socks

I wear socks all the time, because…

I wear socks all the time because
I like to have them on
And I collect them, as some might
Collect Louis Vuitton

I’ve always been this way, its not
Just because I am old
I wear socks all the time because
I don’t like my feet cold

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #12 – On The Discovery of Homophonic Tunes

From the other room, he asked

Is that the ‘ABC Song’
‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’?

And she said


Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #11 – Pictures With Children (or Animals)

What we see versus what’s actually there.

Kids (and animals) we view
With the greatest of affection;
But we see them as they aren’t
By some sort of weird