Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Toasters

I don’t know how the toaster works;
I only know it does —
I know well-toasted bread is great;
It is and always was –

The slightest turn to left or right
Means mishaps, sad and shaming:
Where it will not be toast at all
Or burnt beyond reclaiming

For toasters can be fickle things
Or can be loyal friends;
Like other friendships, on our care
I guess it all depends

So this goes out to toasters
Everywhere, from coast-to-coast —
Just take a piece of bread right now
And raise it up in

7 thoughts on “Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Toasters

  1. LOL! Aw, now you’ve done it — I want a ‘gull-surrounded diner full of good coffee, a re-hash of the eve, and toast with butter and a jelly tray.

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