{ anniversaries. }

to celebrate
what should have been a celebration all along —
to commemorate
the unforgettable —
this desire, this need
to remember what we are already experiencing
as it was from the beginning —

this is a very beautiful part
of the family of human rituals,
although not everything we pay tribute to
may be happy, in thought.

we exist in relation:
to each other,
to the world,
and to our past.
we must, at least occasionally,
even now,
try to occupy common ground,
despite the many voices
screaming at us daily
not to do so.

(in a world that insists
  that hate is not the answer,
  it sure is offered a lot)

it is only in our common humanity
that we have real lives,
and it is only in remembering
how we got here
that we even know
what ‘here’ is

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