The Torch Cafe

And so they’re tearing down the old
Historic Torch Cafe:
I saw the big earth movers as
I passed by yesterday

The dream, a highway diner where
The passers-by could eat:
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Or just stop for something sweet

That dream died long ago, it sits
Abandoned in the sun;
While so many who entered in
Have scattered, every one

Tuskegee, Alabama where
Much history’s been made:
But some goes by unnoticed, like
When local, small dreams

Torch (85) Cafe, Tuskegee, AL

4 thoughts on “The Torch Cafe

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  2. Stan

    Torch cafe. A Sunday breakfast regular was a young college student who would sit in the back booth to relax after long Saturday nights felt particularly mellow one Sunday morning and thought, this is easy. Easy like a Sunday morning. 10 minutes later he wrote a song on that booth that impacted us all. Lionel Richie wrote, it’s easy, easy like a Sunday morning. Way college for Torch Cafe history

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