Everything… and Nothing

It was only three weeks, but he was absolutely in love. Love, however, doesn’t always flow both ways. It had been a late April day when he was stopped after class by one of his professors and told he was needed as an emergency replacement to accompany a flutist at her upcoming senior recital. Her regular accompanist had broken a … Continue reading "Everything… and Nothing"

Old Song Lyrics, Age 24

Reaching out for someone who’s not there, Walking down a path for two, alone; Trying to make some sense out of it all, Trying to make some happy thoughts a home. Looking out across the lonely way, Hearing waves that echo out your name, I will dream again tonight, I guess, But I’ll wake and … Continue reading "Old Song Lyrics, Age 24"

Morning Watch

She keeps up her faithful morning watch To see if things get better; A cup of hot coffee, a favorite book Whose words have often fed her — She dreams of a life that is far away, Where troubles don’t beset her: And she would put him in another’s thoughts If her own heart Would … Continue reading "Morning Watch"

I Know You Love Her…

I know you love her, I have seen your eyes. I’ve felt the fading hope you keep alight: The comfort and nobility you prize, The wrongful longing you know you’d make right — For guys, we know each other’s secret ways, And well I know the unrequited game: The agony of longing through the days, … Continue reading "I Know You Love Her…"

One Type of Artistic Fate

If I could paint a picture true Of sunny day, and waterfall, I’d surely give it then, to you, To hang up in your favorite hall I’d my pour my love into this art So you would see it, and recall — Then you’d walk by it, every day, And never look At all

lost him

she lost him, though he never knew she thought of him at all; so many dreams of what they’d have have slipped beyond recall — she sees him there, with someone else, and feels a sort of stir, then wonders what she could have done to make him long for her there is a type … Continue reading "lost him"


“It’s just a crush,” they told him, “You’ll grow out of it,” they said; Well, it’s been thirteen years, And there she is, still in his head — For being young does not mean One can’t tell false love from true; Or know the ache of loving someone Who does not love You [As is … Continue reading "Crushed"