Valerie Summerville

Valerie Summerville lives up the hill – Go by the river, then turn at the mill – Look for the trailer withs roses outside At Number 16, Crosspoint Forest Valerie’s beautiful, friendly and smart – Everyone here knows she’s got a big heart – She goes to church of a Sunday, at nine And works … Continue reading "Valerie Summerville"

If only now could be our time…

If only now could be our time, And here could be our place, I’d brush the water from your eyes, The hair back from your face And hold you as the sun went down Beside the silver sea; If only now could be our time, And you were meant For me

A Heartache Song

Time was, I sang a heartache song Of lonely nights and frozen days; I sought the soul’s poor comfort long, And waited for the new sun’s rays Back then, I dreamed a dream of you, Who’d love me as I truly am — Time was, I sang a hopeful song: Still thinking you might give … Continue reading "A Heartache Song"

if i —

[A complete rework of a poem from age 16. – Owen] if i was handsome then the world would open for me if i knew words and when to say them right if i had smiles that people gained a little from if at my visions, people’s minds took flight but seldom do i see … Continue reading "if i —"

I wished upon a winter night…

I wished upon a winter night That you would find the love you need; I knew it would not be with me. But it would be no love, indeed I had for you, if such a thing Set limits on intention; And so I wished great love for you, Defying all Convention

Inside A Dream

He came to her from far away Last night, inside a dream – They spent a long, secluded day; The lake was all agleam And within his encircling arms, They sat, til eve drew nigh: As though he’d ever loved her, and Had never said Goodbye

Not For Him

"He hasn't any hope / That she will ever look his way ..."