{ mismatched love }

when love’s mismatched two people see the same things rather differentlywhat feels to one like life’s new birth, feels to the otherdrudgery you learn both sides of mismatched love, and see how wide feelings can swing: while one feels nothing,not at all,the other, almosteverything

Behind the Fence

She was his love, behind the fence, but he was loth to show it; She was his only, long, true, love -- but didn't know it. He built them castles made of ice, to float with weightlessness; His every thought, of her, while she could not care less. Behind the fence was where she stayed, … Continue reading "Behind the Fence"

Old Poem, Written Age 15

I have these Fugitive visions They come and go like Dappled sunlight through windblown leaves I see you in them I seem us in them But the fantasy that burns within me Burns out Before I ever Get a chance To see your face

To You

The barrier that can’t be scaled, The wall that’s never coming down; The distance that’s too far to cross, The adjective that has no noun The meaning that no word entails, The cooling breeze that leaves a burn — The desperate love I feel for you That you won’t know, and can’t return. The field … Continue reading "To You"

How Tangible

It’s strange how tangible is lack, How much reality Is in the things we wish we knew That never come to be. The touch I’ve wanted long to feel, The taste I’ve never savored: They’re still within my fevered mind, And that has never wavered — It’s strange how very real it is: These things … Continue reading "How Tangible"


So he loves her, but she does not love him...

He Loved Her

He loved her like the summer wind, She gave him life and hopefulness, He loved her like a happening That turned a pointless day to bliss He loved her like nobody could, But it took little study To see how she saw him, which was Precisely as   Nobody

Secret Crush

If you look carefully at the photo, I'm just slightly to the right of it.

When She Doesn’t Love You

When she doesn’t love you, You know there’s someone better somewhere, Someone more a man than you can be She doesn’t think much of you: She doesn’t feel you everywhere, The way that you do her, and constantly — For this is love: It is an ache, It is the knowledge that you lack Whatever … Continue reading "When She Doesn’t Love You"