To You


The barrier that can’t be scaled,
The wall that’s never coming down;
The distance that’s too far to cross,
The adjective that has no noun

The meaning that no word entails,
The cooling breeze that leaves a burn —
The desperate love I feel for you
That you won’t know, and can’t return.

The field of empty lullabies,
The children we could never share;
The heart, rejoicing as it dies,
The you that I see everywhere

The smile upon your winning face,
Your open heart, ethereal —
The desperate love I feel for you
That you don’t share and cannot feel.

A dream, remaindered for a pence,
A selling cheap, and bargain made;
The friendly look you cast my way
As I repaint what I’ve portrayed

The spring, the harvest, and the grain –
The death of all expectancy —
The desperate love I have for you
That you could never have
For me

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9 Thoughts to “To You

  1. “The adjective that has no noun.” I loved that. Unrequited love creates a pain that seems impossible to remedy, but it truly puts a great appreciation on love when it is returned ❤

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