Beauty Isn’t Everything

Beauty isn’t everything,
But it’s really nice;
If we don’t make virtues in-
To some sort of vice

Beauty isn’t everything,
But let’s not be small:
Envy isn’t anything
We should want
At all


(“Beauty Isn’t Everything” – 7-12-2015)

Of Human Blindness

Of human blindness, and its cost
We find a people strangely lost
In wishing ill on those they find
To whom the Fates have been more kind

It’s funny how we cannot see
The things we do reflexively
Like envy others what they have
And think that this our souls will salve

So we don’t strive for blessedness
But to prevent others’ success
And human blindness, hard and fast
Turns into madness at the last

The night will always open up its arms…

The night will always open up its arms
To one like you, ye favored of the earth;
And shield you from the worst of worldly harms,
The way it has since your advantaged birth

Your travels done with such unthinking ease,
Tonight you are in Egypt for a spell;
While others scratch at dust upon their knees,
You’ve gifts unopened too profuse to tell

But why? It isn’t beauty or acclaim,
Although you’ve some of both, but just a share;
Your are not devious or full of shame,
You’re merely you, and mostly, you’re just there –

Perhaps, you’re not what I should contemplate,
But why I look at you, and curse my fate

Days of Beauty and of Youth

Days of Beauty and of Youth

There, the perfect life:
The days of beauty, and of youth —
When you believe the image
Then you never know the truth
No matter where you look,
No matter what you think you see:
Each human life is full
Of misstep, hurt, and misery —
So, you see someone now who has
The whole world on a plate;
But do not see them in the night
Alone, disconsolate
There, in perfect youth,
Whate’er the problems, they’ll be small —
When you believe the image
You won’t see the truth
At all

Hills of Envy

Something I can’t find…

Hills of Envy

Looking over every crest
For something I can’t find

Spiteful reasons coalesce
This oxidizing mind

Not a touch of reaching Fall
My soul so cancerous

There’s no beauty nor light at all
Can soothe this animus

For those who have what I don’t have
It’s hard to overrate

The wound there is, that has no salve
From my