Beauty Isn’t Everything

Beauty isn’t everything, But it’s really nice; If we don’t make virtues in- To some sort of vice Beauty isn’t everything, But let’s not be small: Envy isn’t anything We should want At all   (“Beauty Isn’t Everything” – 7-12-2015)

AKA (Animal Kingdom Analogies)

Debt’s an Anaconda That crushes you, but slowly; Lust, a Venus Flytrap That quickly takes you wholly Envy is an Adder That poisons at the heel Depression is a Spider That takes time with its meal

Of Human Blindness

Of human blindness, and its cost We find a people strangely lost In wishing ill on those they find To whom the Fates have been more kind It’s funny how we cannot see The things we do reflexively Like envy others what they have And think that this our souls will salve So we don’t strive for … Continue reading "Of Human Blindness"

The Runner

Heaven bless Her strength of will, which I envy [Inspired by a runner down the street. – Owen]

Envy’s Antidote

I have been prone to envy since I was a little boy: Disliking any child with A better, newer toy So I was in my twenties And it happened, unexpected An older woman mentored me A woman I respected The best advice she ever gave Does not take long to tell: To never dislike people … Continue reading "Envy’s Antidote"