Redneck Riviera

Panama City, Florida

Panama City, USA.
Mid-northwest of Floriday –
Known for beaches, beer and sex;
Riviera for rednecks.

Went there often, yesteryear –
Saw the beaches, drank the beer;
But some redneck who’s not me
Must have found carnality

So I sat and judged them, bad —
Of what they had

3 thoughts on “Redneck Riviera

  1. Interesting! How coincidental. Tonight I am Panama City bound! Hehe. Only this time I am not going for a round of debauchery and foolhardiness, just to hang out and maybe purchase a few Christmas gifts. Trust me, though, you wouldn’t be envious if you only knew. I have worked with many of these people from redneck ville, and while they seem to be happy enough, I do not find that I would be happy were I in their shoes, even at such social functions.

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