Envy’s Antidote

I have been prone to envy since
I was a little boy:
Disliking any child with
A better, newer toy

So I was in my twenties
And it happened, unexpected
An older woman mentored me
A woman I respected

The best advice she ever gave
Does not take long to tell:
To never dislike people for
The things that they do well –

And never envy people when
Good fortune was their lot.
A lesson I learned at the time
And never since forgot

For beauty, brains or riches,
For great talents, or great fame —
If these enure to others
That in no way mars my name

For happiness, as we all know
‘s a form of gratitude
Which envy wrecks, since it’s
A countervailing attitude

So my friend Jan, my mentor,
A psychologist by trade,
Taught me a thing worth knowing
Even if rarely


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5 Thoughts to “Envy’s Antidote

      1. Very true it’s a tough emotion to counter I try to sublimate my own as best I can to push towards my goals, but it can eat away at you if you’re not careful

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