Diaries of Another Summer (8)

She was eighteen, I was fourteen, All I had were dreams; Damn, those were confusing visions, With recurrent themes — I felt tortured every night. I’d try to get some rest: There she was, then, on the beach, And I just felt possessed. Images and strange new feelings; Latency and double dealings, Sonia smiling down … Continue reading "Diaries of Another Summer (8)"

Diaries of Another Summer (6)

Rich lady on the terrace, As bored as bored can be; She looks around for something new And happens to see me A twenty-something student, Just trying to earn a wage, Who learns a thing that schools don’t teach: The value of Some age

Diaries of Another Summer (5)

His girlfriend had a sister, She’d join us at the pool; That might have been pool water, Or might have been his drool I watched them every weekend, And saw the slide begin; It’s bad to mix up summertime, Hot sisters, and Sloe gin

Diaries of Another Summer (4)

Helios burned away the fields, And tore away my mind; I followed her up to the Emerald Watch But she was not inclined She longed for a man in a uniform Who was now across the seas: I followed her up to the Emerald Watch With a new kind of heart Disease

Diaries of Another Summer (3)

A jealous obsession A type of hunger What she was to me —   An unhealthy time For my attitude, A heart’s insolvency   I watched from a distance Wanting her In the manner men are prone   Then froze in surprise When she called my name The first time we Were alone

Diaries of Another Summer (2)

Peel back the years Peel back the skin Peel back the callouses; Find wonderlands Of here and gone And flowered palaces Those images Of Alice on A searing summer day — The ripples of Forgotten ponds And garlands where They lay