Diaries of Another Summer (9)

I thought I’d been in love, but then
They all just fell away;
The summer, full in clarity,
My life: a farce, a parody
And full of rue by day,
And full of rue by day.

I thought I’d seen the truth, but then
The clouds came crashing down:
The summer blazing, burning bright,
Alone and lonely in the night,
A swimmer prone to drown,
Yes, liable to drown.

For many people give us joy,
And many give us sorrow;
But very few give reasons we
Should love again tomorrow.
We pass the days in indolence,
And years go flying by:
We find that love seems out of reach,
Although we yet may try —

I thought I’d been in love, but then
I realized for sure:
That love’s a growing, living thing:
A song we have to learn to sing,
That comes with no brochure,
No map, and no brochure.

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