Diaries of Another Summer (7)

We met a thousand years ago,
One day in hot July;
And soon, we two were lovers.
I couldn’t tell you why
She went for me; but as for her,
She just made my heart smile,
I loved her, then, for years, but only
Dated her awhile.

I saw her several years ago,
As beautiful as e’er:
And my heart sang the same old tune.
It really wasn’t fair:
But then, I’m happy as I am,
And I’m not really searching:
But old love: it’s a mystery,
And hearts are always

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One thought to “Diaries of Another Summer (7)”

  1. Well written. It’s quite a thing how our they linger on with us in memory, that is something I didn’t know or expect in life; the ghosts of friends and lovers that dance in the shadows till our shadows fade away

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