The Ugliness of Life

The ugliness of life, it waits Around the corner, in the dark; For all we might procrastinate, The ugliness of life will leave it’s mark. For long with patience will it seek The moments we are down, or weak, And scour down the shores and docks, The country roads, or city blocks, Or happy pathways … Continue reading "The Ugliness of Life"


The emptiness that is my soul, The hopelessness that lies this way, Are each a temporary thing: For moods are minutes in a day, The day that life is in this span, And questions come as answers flee, As dreaming hovers, like the clouds That swirl around us restlessly. These chemicals that we call “us” … Continue reading "Connected"


Every Saturday, her dad Would grill in their backyard; With charcoal hot on cinder blocks, While she kept watch and guard. And savory and sapid-sweet Were those times without care; Until the day the grill went cold, And her dad wasn’t there. See, no one lit those coals again, Although she looked in vain; In bars … Continue reading "Charcoal"

Here It Is

Grief, The guest we never want, Who will not leave Is not an academic thing, Nor is he quite reducible By words For there is no reality That’s greater than What can’t be touched again And here it is: Another sunset, meaningless Within this strange and empty Vantage-point

a dancer by the sea

he walked a lonely concrete stair surrounded by barbed wire; the things he thought he knew were gone, and joy had gotten shyer he felt despair, and anger, and a soreness in one knee, when, breathless, at the top, he found a dancer by the sea the music, and her moves, bespoke the truth behind … Continue reading "a dancer by the sea"