No Timetable

Time is cruel In the way that only Tireless, relentless things can be Like gravity But love resists It knows no timetable, for Love participates in eternity Our minds get worn down Our eyes fail Our joints ache But feelings persist Long after the Purblind keepers Of timetables Seem to think Proper And I’ll take … Continue reading "No Timetable"


You stand apart, now, strong in what you’ve seen; The day’s gone cold, uphill and down ravine. The sky fills up with stars, both shy and bold, The night is young, but you feel bare, and old, And full of questions no one seems to know The answers to; just why things must be so. … Continue reading "You"


wrapped in laughter, spreading endorphins, like orange through an autumn-kissed grove

now, about my dream

you said you had a dream we met; a thing we just might do, one day. though in my dream, it was at night… a misty, rainy sort of night, but in a well-lit city park that kept the midnight far from dark, and where i called you by your name, and you embraced me … Continue reading "now, about my dream"


There’s a reason for the way Things have come to be: Some who see will know the truth, Others merely see. Life is hours in the dark, Seconds in the sun; Much we see is here and gone Ere our race is run. Danica, I wish you joy. Time is fading fast: There’s a future … Continue reading "Danica"

Shades of Heart

We spoke, right after you had been Assailed by hateful bigotry, And though you had much good to tell, The other part still stayed with me   So color: when we all are small We learn them, pick our favorite ones – It’s everywhere, in this, the same Among our daughters and our sons   … Continue reading "Shades of Heart"

{ to believe in you }

What What does it mean What does it mean to believe? In someone? What does it mean to believe in someone, the way that I have come to believe in you? For none of the usual rules seem to apply. I believe in your goodness, your innate kindness - I trust you, although I have … Continue reading "{ to believe in you }"

Welcome to America

My friend, I know you’ve longed to see The promise of the golden door: To ply your art, expand your heart, And live a life of “more” — So welcome to America: There’s much that’s sort of died, but still, There’s some remain to welcome you For someone always Will