boys break

i saw it happen, once
when he decided not to care

it was the only way for him
to handle expectation

so sweet and young and open
showing all of it and loving, then
a wall, a cipher, blank
as living glass

i saw it happen, twice
when he decided not
to be a boy

the trouble’s all because of boys

every bit of it

and each of them

even those who
weren’t there for it

hear it

and again

and now the angry words pour out
in streams and torrents
washing down the city streets and gutters and
in broken limbs and unwrapped condoms kept in
empty wallets chosen carelessly by those who
care less every day

the painting shows the smoking men
boys break
a time to sit fat, ruling

but my heart sees

the bruised and dying
told, as always,
“it’s your job to die” —

for girls are wonders

women are the universe

and boys

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11 Thoughts to “boys break

  1. Boys break-hearts break. We ALL need to remember that yin and yang each contain some of the other. The yin yang symbol represents this by placing a contrasting dot in the center of each side of the symbol. Boys/girls, men/women all with hearts that can be broken, all seeking affirmation and love, and our culture that pretends to be so open is really so cruel to us all. We are all trapped by it. Your poem, so powerful, shows a heart that can break and still beat.

      1. Yes, and they hurt not only ourselves but often the others involved. We need to learn to accept, acknowledge, and let ourselves cry. We need to forgive and accept forgiveness.

  2. What an intense poem, that sadly holds much truth. Somehow it has become common in our culture to think that “not caring” is a sign of ultimate strength. And to go through life “not hurting” is a sign of success. All of which ultimately leads to disastrious outcomes. We are human. We care, hurt, cry, love, and hate. That is what life is all about. We shouldn’t be afraid of it.

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