security guard

(From December 2015)

i’d leave work late a lot of days,
he’d greet me by the door;
he worked security, night-shift,
right there on the ground floor

he was a talker, genial;
he’d ask about the day –
and wish us well till next time as
we’d set out on our way

a youngish man of roughly thirty
who’d just had a child;
his temperament was lively
and his disposition mild

he’d left the air force right before
he came to work with us;
his time in combat was the one thing
he would not discuss

the holidays are on us now,
the air grows cold outside;
and i just got the news
that he committed suicide

i do not understand, but feel
the sad and crushing weight –
i didn’t think
i never thought
and now it is
too late

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4 Thoughts to “security guard

  1. Oh no! I am so sorry that you have had this experience. This is an awful reminder,
    about how many people smile and put on a brave face when they are crying inside.
    If only, we knew, who they were and where they are?
    At least he had your friendly face to greet him each day.
    Sadly though, in the corporate world we are ALL just a number, fitted with masks and company uniforms. O/

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