On These Docks

She walked out on these docks with him About a life ago In warm and windy memories That only she will know The boy who was her everything Her fading Summer light Until the darkness took him Into everlasting Night

Cruel Laughter

There’s a cruel kind of laughter That wounds but only one; And leaves the rest enjoying The damage that’s been done But cruelty is a cannibal That shrinks from no repast; And this devouring animal Will eat itself At last

No Matter

(Trigger warning: attempted suicide. – Owen) The lights in that apartment Turned every night Into a lonely night There were also other lights: Neon lights a block away, Where drunken men and women We’re getting together at the bars Or on the dance floors 50 yards from them, 65 yards from the ocean, I discovered: … Continue reading "No Matter"


she lived awash in frenzy, wracked with fear; i knew her when we both were locked in here — i lived, and she did not. i don’t know why: some stumble on, while others stop, and die — I wept, and watched time stop, and space get curved: for neither of us got what we … Continue reading "deserved"