Sketches – 44

I hate painting

Did you say “paining”
Or “painting”?

What’s the difference?

I got nothing.

It’s like
“Here are some random
Acrylic pigments.
Create a world.”

Sounds… daunting

I’m severely daunted

What have you been
Working on?

It’s supposed to be
What downtown looked like
In the 1940’s

It’s blank

Now you see the issue

I do.
Are you working
Off of photos
Or what?

Yes, I have
Some beautiful photos.

These are amazing.
Where did these come from?

At one time,
Cities all over the world
Had things called “newspapers”.
They took pictures.
It was part of something
They called

If you’re tired of painting,
You could always be a history teacher.
Your memory is phenomenal.
What was this city like
In the 1940’s, anyway?

Two industries, really.
This city was the nation’s third largest
Textile producer back then.
They also trained 80% of the soldiers
That ever saw combat right here.
Soldiers all over the world,
Came through here
And wore clothes from here.
That’s it!
That’s my idea.
Get out of here.
I need to paint.

But I —

Go on. Shoo!
Inspiration calls.
I love painting.


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