Sketches – 28

Why do you look so sad, my lovely one?

The world seems cold and dark to me today.
Don’t you have hours that you feel this way?

I do. Such feelings cannot be outrun.

What say you that we lay and rest a bit?

The restlessness I feel’s my own, I fear:
And though you’ll touch me, I will not be here.

Still, we can try – that much you must admit –

Where are your thoughts right now, if you can say?

They’re on the world itself, so full of dread:
‘Tween what-should-be and what-we-have-instead.

Oh, wow. That’s more than I can hug away —

We lay and listened to the morning birds;
For some things can’t be fixed by deeds or words.


(“Sketches – 28” – 3-19-2017)

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5 Thoughts to “Sketches – 28

  1. best of all you were together in your separate” laying and listening”. Each felt in their own way yet shared with the other in that state of feeling making it a loving moment, a fortunate moment.

  2. This is so relatable and so captivatingly expressed! My heart skipped a beat reading this!

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