Suspicious of Motive

He said, “Hello. I’ve been wanting to meet you. And maybe we could spend some time — us two?” She said, “Uh-huh. I’ve heard all this before, man. ‘Cause you don’t really know me, now – do you? So many guys go hunting on the weekends. Another trophy – just another deer — Well, dude: … Continue reading "Suspicious of Motive"

displaced river

beneath the river filled with silt, contempt flows over grounds of guilt, and arrogance is there rebuilt, while silence rules and reigns; the quilt of blessing torn by regicide. along the river of remorse, ’twas seen the major, out of course and innocence; the hidden force that draws things forth, and makes the source of … Continue reading "displaced river"

A Sonnet on Desire

The way the river must move to the sea, The way the planet must move t’ward the sun, The way I am to you, or you to me, As worlds will circle, rivers endless run – The call of something born before our birth, Celestial, yet deep within the earth; As deep within you, I … Continue reading "A Sonnet on Desire"

Middle-Aged Man

He woke to find his nose and throat were bleeding; Another day from day in blur succeeding, Of waistline grown, and hairline fast receding, Amid the whirl of strange called “middle age”. His vanity loomed larger in its weakness: An ego not prepared to go in meekness — A story old and stale in non-uniqueness, … Continue reading "Middle-Aged Man"

An Empty House

Way back, when love was just an empty house, The view was good and looked out on the sea, And there, ostensibly, were you and me, Each one supposed to be the other’s spouse. Each morning came in course, the sun would rise, And we would go about the things that made Our days and … Continue reading "An Empty House"

the afternoon

the curtains barely closed, or maybe clothed – but either way, too much could be seen through – within me, all those feelings that i loathed of giving in, or lastly, giving to. don’t know why women do the things they do, or why our passions lead to so much loss: but boys embrace the … Continue reading "the afternoon"

On The Lonely Paths

It was a time that many thought they owned: The cities filled with hubris mid the hosts, And countryside piled up with Facebook posts. There, souls, self-righteous, saw themselves enthroned: A breathless rush that could not be postponed Of pointed gibes, and vain and idle boasts That rang through interwebs, and past the coasts To … Continue reading "On The Lonely Paths"

You Wait

You wait for something you have never seen, As though by looking you could make it so; Your every sense on edge, and poised, and keen, Your searching eyes still scanning to and fro For in your mind he’s coming – coming soon – For all of that’s worked out inside your head: It’s any … Continue reading "You Wait"