Beleaguered Thoughts

It’s easy for me to be moral,
I’m unattractive

I once wrote a novel
I’ve waited eight years
It’s never written back

I enjoy reading blogs by people
Who do the kinds of things I would never do
Such as
Having friends they actually spend time with

My son got a job today
He had been without one for four months
After reading this post
I left work and drove the long way
To see him at work
Which he seemed to appreciate
So, Thanks Dana

There’s very little coherence in this post
Which is, I suppose, part of its point

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20 Thoughts to “Beleaguered Thoughts

  1. I’ve already become a distraction. 😉 Coherency is never a parameter I abide by. Life isn’t coherent … and unfortunately, neither is love.

    1. I appreciated this distraction. My son has been through some real struggles with mental illness and substance abuse and getting this job was a huge deal for him. For me to come in and eat meant a lot to him and me.

      As for the rest of the post, who knows…

      1. Many people talk of the bond between mother and son, but I know from personal experience that it is the father’s approval and acceptance that means the most to the sons. They know of the mother’s pride from the day they are born — it is always the father’s pride they feel they must earn. I admire you for taking that time with your son today. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Means more than I can express with my words. Hugs to you both!!!

    1. It is possible I tried to hide something genuinely emotional for me in the middle of some nonsense.

      And thank you. Your latest post “Beyond Prison Walls”, moved me to tears.

      1. Thank you so much for saying so. I am about to take a scary (but good) plunge, and your words feel like an affirmation of that. (I think you will understand later.)

  2. All below the angels receive the spear of introspection, but if one can turn it all into food, one should.

    1. I had been talking recently with some friends about men being respsonsible in committed relationships, and was asked what I do now whenever attractive women (who are not my wife) come on to me. And the honest answer is, “I can’t answer that, because it has never happened to me.” The other men in the conversation all said it happened to them; I was left with the conclusion I must not be very attractive, because I’ve been married twice for a total of 20+ years, and no sober woman has every come on to me.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear this. Are you telling me you met your partners in bars ? Or rather they came onto you ?

      2. Well, no I’ve met women all over the place; but in the last 15 years, no woman (other than my wife) has so much as flirted with me. So, my point was, it’s easy (or easier) to be faithful if you are never really tempted.

      3. And I’m not always terribly clear, either. I just appreciate you reading and taking time to comment.

        (I actually did finally show my real face here on my post called “My Life In Poems, Mostly”. That is what I actually look like.)

      4. I saw that post “My life in poems” and think you’re attractive, so I knew that part of the poem is fiction. I am very picky. so please take it from me. I appreciate your modesty and I think that you are a solid, loving, faithful husband, Owen. Besides, women flirt in mysterious ways.

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