Random Thought #27

My brother and I made games
Where characters moved from island to island
Over different kind of bridges:
Suspension, wood, rope, and stone,
And we drew and colored the playing board,
And different things we taped on playing cards,
Like a stone bridge looking very much like this,
And I come upon it here, and think

I miss my brother

Beleaguered Thoughts

It’s easy for me to be moral,
I’m unattractive

I once wrote a novel
I’ve waited eight years
It’s never written back

I enjoy reading blogs by people
Who do the kinds of things I would never do
Such as
Having friends they actually spend time with

My son got a job today
He had been without one for four months
After reading this post
I left work and drove the long way
To see him at work
Which he seemed to appreciate
So, Thanks Dana

There’s very little coherence in this post
Which is, I suppose, part of its point

Honor Bar

I’m staring at the honor bar.
For those who might not know:
You can take anything you want,
Just noting you did so.

I think I find ironic the
Two words “honor” and “bar”;
For bars aren’t known for honor.
Alcohol can take you far

But far from honor’s mostly
Where it took me, anyway —
It’s not that bars bar honor, but
It just works out that way.

At any rate, I’ll take a soda,
Noting it, as well;
And put the honor back
In honor bar
At this hotel

She Said Her Name

She Said Her Name

She said her name, but I could not pronounce it;
And so I went and practiced for a while;
The next time that I saw her, then, I said it.
She turned to me with something of a smile

And said, “Most English speakers cannot say that.”
“I had some help, but it just seemed polite,
Now that you’re on the team, to make you welcome,
And show respect by saying your name right.”

It’s hard when you’re away from home the first time,
And harder in a country far away;
A name is like a passport or a treasure,
A bit of home that’s with you every day.

Some people take a new name for the natives
And that’s a type of reaching out, as well:
So long as one’s identity continues
For all have different tales that one might tell

Or might not e’er be told, there is no knowing.
But loneliness and pain, hit all the same;
It’s hard when you’re away from home the first time,
At least we all can bring along
Our name