Sketches – 11

Sketches - 11

The beach looks amazing.
Are you ready to go out there?

Sure, though
I’ve been out already –
I was out at sunrise

How did you find this place?

I had to come here once
For business

I saw a market driving in last night
Do you want to go there
After the beach?


So, you don’t mind if I
Spend a few hours shopping?

I’m on vacation
That means no schedules
No timetables
No worries

So we have nothing scheduled?

We can call this morning
And setup massages
And anything else you want –
Maybe for tomorrow?

Sounds nice.
Is there anything else you want to do
While we’re here?

… Well …

Besides that.
Don’t worry
We’re definitely doing that

What about you?

I don’t know
Right now I’m just enjoying
Breathing —
You know?

I do know

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