A Few of Her Words…

Body Image

“I’ve worked as a model for years:
And I’ve been grateful for the money.
I needed it to get through school, and
It’s helped a lot the years right after.

I’ve known girls who envied me for my
‘Good looks’, but
Believe me, it is no panacea.

It makes you a target
For men who like to collect
Trophies, and

It makes you hated by some women
Who don’t even know you.

People talk to me like I’m stupid,

And men have treated me like a cuff-link.

Part of me fears that,
The day my looks start to go,
There will be no ‘me’ anymore:
That all I am
Is a ‘thing’…

Some ‘thing’

For other people

To look at”

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3 Thoughts to “A Few of Her Words…

  1. Firstly, you are a beautiful young woman and obviously certain issues must inevitably arise regarding other people’s interpretation of modelling.
    You have I’m sure tackled these with dignity and not allowed the thoughts the jealousy and envy of others prevent you from moving forward.
    You have a real talent and deserve to be happy.
    I wish you all the best and ignore the haters.
    Luv n peas

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