Mannequin Depressive

she stands in a long slow line at the grocery store looking at magazine covers where fabulous actresses and fitness models in all their airbrushed glory gaze out at her vacuously and she looks sadly at her cart which is both kale- and tofu-deficient and thinks she could stand to lose a couple of pounds … Continue reading "Mannequin Depressive"

Through Every Set Of Eyes…

The world’s a different place Through every set of eyes, So love the “you” you are, For beauty has No size

Love Yourself Today, A Bit —

Love yourself today, a bit. I know it seems like pretense — But it is not that bad a thing To model some Acceptance

The Image Files

She never thought this life would be for her. And she’s not sure about it, even now: Twixt what we earn, and what we watch occur, There’s much to figure out, and plumb, somehow — She barely eats, she shows up for the shoots, She passive waits for makeup, hair, and clothes; The checks all … Continue reading "The Image Files"

A Few of Her Words…

“I’ve worked as a model for years: And I’ve been grateful for the money. I needed it to get through school, and It’s helped a lot the years right after. I’ve known girls who envied me for my ‘Good looks’, but Believe me, it is no panacea. It makes you a target For men who … Continue reading "A Few of Her Words…"


We can change many things. [...]